London Nutrition Doctor Testimonials

Christina 60F, November 2020

“A million thanks for all you’ve done for me over the course of our relationship. I am leaving London a MUCH healthier person–physically and mentally–than the woman who limped into town more than three years ago.”


Robert 64M, October 2020

“I am writing to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding care, professionalism and expertise you have shown throughout my treatment this year.

Your reassuring presence and tireless availability to answer my many questions ensured that your treatment plan has been easily managed and highly effective. The result is that I have lost 26Kgs, my Type 2 diabetes has been reversed – and all in 4 months.

My experience should offer abundant encouragement and support to anyone facing similar challenges.

And thanks to you I feel like a new man.”


Snita 53F, October 2020

“Soon after I turned 40 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, for approximately 10years I took medication. Coming up to my 50th my family challenged me to reverse my diabetes using diet & exercise, I did the 800 calorie blood sugar diet which put my diabetes into remission & I came off the medication. I felt great but I was constantly worried about my diet & then tried the vegan diet with no fat which I thought would help to keep my weight down,  I loved it but it was very carb heavy.

Dr Austin has helped bring my blood sugar down to normal levels & made me feel stronger on the inside again. I was finding it hard to digest food but now I don’t have digestive problems anymore.  The diet she put me on is more sustainable, I don’t feel hungry, I’m satiated after my meals  & so don’t feel the need to snack & I have lots of energy.  I think if you have diabetes you need to take a holistic approach & address everything in your life, mental, physical & spiritual & be treated by a holistic practitioner.

Thank you Leah for all your help!”


Keith 49M, February 2019

“I am generally feeling much more energetic, more positive and more clear headed, which is great. I wanted to thank you again for your help”